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Cause of Chronic Periodontal Inflammation

Periogain balances your immune system, restoring equilibrium in the gums. Our extensive professional experience in treating all stages of gum disease successfully led to the discovery of our innovative dental supplement.

Periogain contains 6 powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant nutriceuticals  that specifically target the inflammation associated with all stages of periodontal disease. Periogain reduces inflammation naturally and is intended to be taken adjunctively with professional care.

Less inflammation…less bone loss…less tooth loss…better health!

 Periogain has been clinically shown to effectively and safely reduce:

  • Inflammation in the Gums
  • Bleeding Gums
  • Gum Disease Treatment
  • Deep Gum Pockets
  • Mobility of Teeth
  • Tooth Abscess
  • Pussy Gums

Gum Disease

Created and clinically tested by dental professionals, Periogain will tighten your gums to ward off gum disease and may even prevent the need for gum surgery. Contact us to learn more about our affordable and effective gum disease treatment that is all natural.

Your mouth can say a lot about your overall health. Did you know gum disease has been connected to other life-threatening diseases? A visit to the dentist may not be enough. Researchers have discovered that gum disease is not only caused by plaque and tartar, but more importantly, your immune system.

That’s right, how your body responds to bacteria is actually what causes swelling, bleeding, deep gum pockets, bone loss, and even halitosis (bad breath). We offer a new perspective for the successful treatment of periodontal disease by addressing and targeting the cause – inflammation.

Help Your Patients Keep Their Gums Pain-Free

    Take one to two capsules twice daily.  For optimal benefit Periogain should be started one week before periodontal treatment is initiated, and continued for three months following treatment to promote optimal healing.  If challenging risk factors are an issue, we recommend a maintenance dose of one to two capsules twice daily.  Risk factors would include smoking, genetic predisposition for advanced periodontal disease, diabetes or other systemic challenges.

    Periogain should not be taken if you are pregnant or nursing, or if you are intending to become pregnant.

    Patients taking blood thinners need to check with their physician before taking Periogain.  INR (clotting time) will need to be monitored, just as with taking Periostat or low dose doxycycline.

As professionals in the dental industry, we here at Life Changing Formulations, LLC want to encourage our customers to seek out professional care for their gum disease.  We understand that many individuals are afraid or even embarrassed about going to the dentist.  For this reason we would like to extend an invitation for you to call us directly to help ease your mind.  We can also help you sort through all the confusing information.  Call us today!

What professional periodontal treatment options are available to help my gums?

Traditional Approaches to helping to restore health in diseased gums include:

    Traditional maintenance cleanings

    Traditional root planing (deep cleanings), with or without systemic or locally applied antibiotics

    Traditional periodontal (gum) surgery to reduce deep gum pockets

More advanced periodontal treatment options available:

    Minimally Invasive Periodontal Surgery


    Regenerative Periodontal Endoscopy – RPE

Periogain used in conjunction with Professional Gum Treatments

Developing a Natural Alternative

Periodontal disease progression can be preventable with our innovative periodontal supplement – Periogain. Periogain helps your patients gums by down-regulating the chronic inflammatory response and promoting health with powerful antioxidants – thereby restoring equilibrium and aiding in tissue repair.

Periogain may be an excellent natural and effective alternative to Periostat, or SDD (sub-antimicrobial dose doxycycline) by helping to down regulate harmful enzymes. We are looking to provide this innovative supplement to people across the world to help them treat periodontal disease from the inside out. Periodontal disease is often chronic and can have a variety of challenging host factors – our natural alternative helps your patients manage it daily.

At Life Changing Formulations, we offer Periogain at wholesale prices so you can offer it to your patients. Now you finally have an alternative periodontal disease treatment option which will modify host response safely and effectively for your patients in all stages of periodontal disease. You wont be disappointed in the effectiveness of our innovative product.  We would appreciate feedback about clinical results and observations.

After years of research and working with hundreds of advanced cases, our patients encouraged us to develop a natural dental supplement to modify or down-regulate chronic inflammatory host response. Synthetic periodontal disease treatments such as Periostat™, although very effective, may not be generally well received by patients due to cost or difficulty in taking due to diet restrictions. Periogain may be an effective alternative, yet it is all natural and affordable.

with Our Natural Alternative Periodontal Disease Treatment

If you are currently seeing a dental professional and are still having chronic gum disease problems, Periogain can help in a novel and effective way.  Periogain taken daily addresses chronic inflammation in the gums internally; gums tighten, periodontal pockets are reduced, and bleeding subsides.  Professional cleanings become easier and more comfortable. Periogain used adjunctively with professional periodontal care promotes optimally healthy gums.  Your dental professional will be impressed!

 In recent years research has revealed that periodontal disease can wreak havoc on overall health, possibly leading to life threatening diseases. Professional cleanings alone may not be enough to arrest this serious, and often chronic inflammatory infection.  We have created an innovative and effective solution for those seeking a more natural approach…

Our extensive professional experience in treating all stages of periodontal disease successfully, has led to the discovery of our innovative dietary supplement for healthier gums – Periogain.  Periogain has been clinically shown to effectively and safely reduce inflammation in the gums, bleeding in the gums, deep gum pockets, and even mobility of teeth, as gums tighten.

Through direct clinical observation and innovation, we have discoverd and harnessed the power of nature to help our clients achieve greatly improved periodontal health by addressing the main cause of most forms of gum disease, chronic inflammation. We now bring this unique formulation to you.  Life Changing Formulations, LLC, combines only the highest quality natural ingredients in a very specific and evidence based way, to effectively “down-regulate” (modify host response) the destructive inflammation associated with all stages of gum disease.

What professional periodontal treatment options are available to help my gums?

Periogain proprietary blend ingredients:  1 bottle contains 120 capsules, 600mg each.

 Amalaki (emblica officinalis), or Indian Gooseberry:  fruit with anti-inflammatory and powerful antioxidant properties, collagenase inhibitor, may also lower cholesterol, triglycerides, and glucose levels.  Liver detoxification properties, and decreased expression of osteoclasts (bone destoying cells).

    haritaki (terminalia chebula):  fruit source anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, collagenase and hyaluronidase enzyme inhibitor, helps and supports healthy digestive system, has detoxification properties, mild laxative, one of the most powerful herbs in ayurvdic medicine with many health benefits overall. Research also shows it inhibits growth of malignent tumors, and influences dermal would healing

    bibhitaki (terminalia bellerica): fruit, astingent, tonic, digestive and antispasmotic, high in Omega 3 fatty acid and linoleic acid (anti-inflammatory).