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Attention: Dentists and Hygienists

If you have ever struggled with periodontal disease, or have been told that you need gum surgery, extractions of teeth, or frequent deep cleanings, we invite you to explore the important and enlightening information contained within our site.   Knowledge is empowering!   The information here may very well change your life.

It has been estimated that 5 billion people worldwide are afflicted with some form of gum disease.  Options for the effective treatment of this worldwide epidemic are limited, and are often ineffective or expensive.

  Our mission at Life Changing Formulations, LLC  is to empower anyone suffering from chronic periodontal disease to better manage their disease, and to avoid painful gum surgery, tooth loss, or repetative treatments.   It is also our mission to educate all professionals about chronic gum inflammation and how it can be effectively addressed.

Enhanced periodontal and overall health can be achieved in a natural, yet highly effective and affordable way.  Let us show you how.

Developing a Natural Alternative

Periodontal disease progression can be preventable with our innovative periodontal supplement – Periogain. Periogain helps your patients gums by down-regulating the chronic inflammatory response and promoting health with powerful antioxidants – thereby restoring equilibrium and aiding in tissue repair.

Periogain may be an excellent natural and effective alternative to Periostat, or SDD (sub-antimicrobial dose doxycycline) by helping to down regulate harmful enzymes. We are looking to provide this innovative supplement to people across the world to help them treat periodontal disease from the inside out. Periodontal disease is often chronic and can have a variety of challenging host factors – our natural alternative helps your patients manage it daily.

At Life Changing Formulations, we offer Periogain at wholesale prices so you can offer it to your patients. Now you finally have an alternative periodontal disease treatment option which will modify host response safely and effectively for your patients in all stages of periodontal disease. You wont be disappointed in the effectiveness of our innovative product.  We would appreciate feedback about clinical results and observations.

After years of research and working with hundreds of advanced cases, our patients encouraged us to develop a natural dental supplement to modify or down-regulate chronic inflammatory host response. Synthetic periodontal disease treatments such as Periostat™, although very effective, may not be generally well received by patients due to cost or difficulty in taking due to diet restrictions. Periogain may be an effective alternative, yet it is all natural and affordable.